Battery pack simulation high altitude test chamber

Product Usage: Battery pack simulation high-altitude test chamber is used to simulate and evaluate PACK level battery packs and systems in vacuum and low pressure (i.e. high altitude) safety performance. Present the actual use of battery packs or systems in the laboratory, find and solve problems, optimize product design, and improve product quality. Device Description: The battery pack simulation high-altitude test box is mainly used to simulate and evaluate the safety of PACK-level battery packs and systems under vacuum and low pressure (ie high altitude) conditions can. The battery pack high-altitude testing machine simulates that the battery is placed in a low-pressure box, and the air pressure in the test box is adjusted to an altitude of 4000m or the same altitude. , automatically keep the air pressure in the box constant, and realize the automatic termination of the test. Present the actual use of battery packs or systems in the laboratory, find and solve problems, optimize product design, and improve product quality. Executive standard GB / T 31467.3-2015/"Lithium-ion power battery packs and systems for electric vehicles Part 3: Safety requirements and test methods" 7.12 High altitude test GB/T 31485-2015/"Safety Requirements and Test Methods for Power Batteries for Electric Vehicles" 6.2.11&6.3.11 Low Pressure Test GB/T 31486-2015"Electrical performance requirements and test methods of traction batteries for electric vehicles" GB 31241-2014 "Safety Requirements for Lithium-ion Cells and Battery Packs for Portable Electronic Products" UL 1642:2012 "Lithium Battery Standard" UL 2054:2012 "Household and Commercial Battery Packs" UN38.3 (2012)Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods - Manual of Tests and Criteria Part 3 IEC62133-2012"Safety Requirements for Batteries and Battery Packs Containing Alkaline or Non-Acid Electrolytes"
Technical parameter  
Test pressure adjustable range 10Kpa~101.3Kpa
Way to control  PLC touch screen man-machine interface control + computer remote  control (dual control mode)
Inner box material SUS304# stainless steel plate + bottom square tube channel steel  reinforcement, stainless steel plate thickness 10mm
The load-bearing capacity of the bottom  plate of the test box ≥2200kG
Outer box material Cold-rolled steel sheet paint treatment
Test space size W2000XD3000XH2000mm
Equipment box size W2500XD4000XH3000mm (excluding the controller protruding part)
Turntable load-bearing More than 2000kg
Turntable table size W1500XD2000XH200mm
Packing list Single door, box door with locking device
Box door lock The holder is a strong cold storage door handle, with a locking device  installed, with sufficient rigidity and strength, with strong explosion-proof  hinges, the number is 4
Door system seal Select high-purity silicone rubber raw material, good sealing effect
Lighting system The top of the test chamber is equipped with 2 LED explosion-proof  lighting lamps, which can be dustproof, explosion-proof, fireproof, and  the explosion-proof lamp shell is easy to replace
Vacuum degree display Digital display vacuum degree control table, the digital display method  is intuitive and easy to set
Timing Display and Control PLC man-machine interface display and control time
Vacuum time Drop from 101.3kPa to 11.3kPa within 5 minutes
Vacuum degree resolution and  control accuracy 0.1Kpa
Pressure relief method Manual pressure relief and automatic pressure relief
Record function The sampling frequency is up to 1Hz, which can record the detection  and setting test curves, data, operation records, alarm records within  12 months, and can be printed
Pressure relief protection When the pressure of the gas in the box rises, the pressure sensors near  the pressure relief port can quickly open the pressure relief port at the top,  discharge the gas and heat, and reduce the pressure in the box.
Use air source 0.8~1MPA
Using electric AC380V50HZ
Power 15KW