Aging Accelerated Uv Aging Test Uv Aging Test Chambe Simulated Environmental Machine

Application The UV weather resistance test box uses fluorescent ultraviolet lamps and condensed water to simulate sunlight and dew conditions respectively. For example: fading, discoloration, loss of light, cracking, turbidity, blistering, embrittlement, strengthening, recession and oxidation, etc. Features The UV accelerated aging test chamber can simulate environmental conditions such as self-climate ultraviolet rays, rain, high temperature, high humidity, dew condensation, darkness, etc. By reproducing these conditions, it is merged into a cycle, and it automatically executes the number of cycles completed. In this process, the equipment can be used for automatic monitoring of blackboard temperature and water tank temperature; by configuring irradiance measurement and control device (optional), the irradiance can be measured and controlled, and the irradiance is stable at 0.76W/m2/340nm or specified setting. Fixed value, greatly extending the service life of lamps. Light source 1.The board temperature、condensing temperature control with controller; 2.The rest are imported electronic components: *Irradiance uniformity:≤4%(At the surface of the sample) 3.Blackboard temperature monitoring:Use standard Pt-100 blackboard temperature sensor,Accurate control of the sample surface temperature during the test process; *Blackboard temperature setting range:BPT 40-75℃; *But the temperature protection inside the machine actual max temperature is 93℃±10% *Blackboard temperature control accuracy:±0.5℃, 4.Tank temperature monitoring: *During the circle test,there's a test section is dark condensation process,it requires high temperature saturated steam inside the chamber,when the steam hits a relatively cold surface of the sample,Dew will condense on the surface of the sample。 *The tank is located at the bottom of the chamber,Built-in electric heater; *Tank temperature control range:40~60℃; 5.The test chamber is equipped with a time controller,range 0~530H,backup data for power fail; 6.Safety protection equipment: *Over temperature protection in chamber:when temperature exceed 3℃±10% in chamber,the machine will automatically cut off the supply of the lamp and heater,and go into equilibrium state cooling *Low water tank alarm,Prevent heater from burning Chamber Material *Inner container use SUS304# stainless steel plate; *Outer shell use SUS304# stainless steel plate; *Specimen frame use stainless steel and aluminum alloy net frame,easy access to samples; Mainframe Working Environment *Power requirement:220V±5%,single-phase three-wire,50Hz,8A,request 10A slow-blow fuse; *Environment:5~35℃,0~80%RH,good ventilation,Indoor environment cleaning; *Area of work about 234*353cm; *Water draining:A drain is needed on the floor near the main engine ease movement,foot wheel is installed at the bottom of the instrument,After the position is fixed, the position of the test machine is fixed with a U-ring; *For the convenience of heat dissipation and maintenance,The installation of the equipment must meet the following conditions; *Adequate maintenance space should be maintained between the equipment and walls or other equipment after installation and adjustment; *The environmental temperature of the installation site should not change sharply; *It should be installed on horizontal ground(Use a level meter to confirm the level on the ground during installation); *It should be installed in places without direct sunlight; *It should be installed in a well-ventilated place; *Should be installed away from combustible materials、explosive and High temperature source; *It should be installed in a little dusty place ; *Install close to the power source; Control meter The device use a true color touch screen,PID temperature intelligent control device,High precision temperature control and good stability Structure Profile 1.Equipment shell and inner room are selected high quality SUS304,The most advanced processing equipment in China is used for processing and forming; 2.The surface of the shell is sprayed with plastic,beautiful,smooth。Color coordination,smooth line; 3.The defects of surface damage caused by aluminum plate surface spraying are avoided.The equipment workshop is equipped with a humidifying heater、liquid level switch、blackboard temperature sensor etc,It also has eight ultraviolet radiation fluorescent and UV radiometer 4.High quality immovable PU wheel is installed at the bottom of the machine,The machine can be moved to the specified location easily,Finally, the caster is fixed; Product Parameters Product Show